Monday 28 May 2012


Raindrops on my fingers:
Grey skies colour my words


Gulmohars blaze,
summer dust
smells of rain

Grey and green

Grey skies, grey waters:
Will Earth wear a different shade of green today?


Will she, will she not
A promise hangs in the air;
Will it rain today?

Tuesday 22 May 2012


Puppies play by
winter moonlight,
Canis Major
twinkles quietly.

Friday 11 May 2012

Poems in the sand

There are poems in the beach sand,
Eroding in the wind and waves,
Left behind there by ephemeral imaginations,
That concern neither the crabs sidling over them,
Nor the rich red sunsets,
Nor the clouds hanging low in the romantic depression
That only poets bother with,
Nor the sandpipers skimming over the waves;

But they will never be completed,
Foaming away into the sea,
The poet's illusions drained away,
Into the eternal indifference that is the universe.


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